Best Nipple Clamps Review

Are you experimenting with pain? Are you interested in nipple play? Or, are you a seasoned nipple clamp user who wants to find new nipp clamps? We have you covered. This guide will cover the basics of nipple clamps for individuals who are new to the concept. It will recommend several clamps and suggest who would be right for them. It might cover new clamps if you are searching for a new sex toy. So, without further ado, let us learn about the Best Nipple Clamps.

Nipple Clamps Comparison Table

Utimi Fantasy SM Nipple Clamps
Best Nipple Clamp for Most Individuals
Moonight Leather Collar with Nipple Clamps
Comes with a Collar
Blue Lolly Nipple Clamps
Comes with a Clit Clamp

The Biology of the Nipples

Nipple Clamps make the nipples more sensitive and arouses the wearer.
Nipple Clamps make the nipples more sensitive and arouses the wearer.

The nipples are an erogenous zone with many nerve endings. This is true for both male and females and both males and female are aroused by nipple stimulation (insert exact percentage based upon study). If you are a male reading this, have no shame, x% of other males find nipple play arousing too! (They’re just self conscious about it or haven’t discovered it yet).

The male nipple and the female nipple are similar in all regards except for nerve density: the nerves of the female nipples are further apart than the males’. The number of nerve endings in the nipple do not change between males and females. So, with regards to the nipple, erotic stimulation is equal for both sexes. The same can not be said between the penis and the clit.

Smaller nipples are more sensitive than larger nipples. Individuals with large nipples will need more stimulation (pinching, sucking, licking, etc) for arousal than individuals with small nipples. If you have small nipples, choose a softer clamp. Individuals with larger nipples can choose stronger clamps. If you’re new to nipple clamps, try an adjustable nipple clamps at first. We have many options listed.

Nipple clamps stimulate the nipple by pinching it, restricting blood flow to it, and re-introducing blood flow once removed. All three aspects produce pain. When aroused, the pain is satisfying. When not aroused, the pain can be uncomfortable. It is best to arouse the nipple with play before applying nipple clamps during the first few sessions. This prepares the nipple for the stimulation. Suddenly applying nipple clamps for the first time can be painful, shocking, and un-sexy.

The Types of Nipple Clamps

Clover Clamps increase tension when pulled on.
Clover Clamps increase tension when pulled on.

There are many nipple clamps available on the market. Here is our ever growing list of nipple clamp types with their description.

Japanese Clover Nipple Clamps -Also called clover clamps, these clamps apply pressure to the nipples when pulled.

Nipple Suckers -These small cylindrical devices pump blood out of the breast and into the nipple. It enlarges the nipple and gives a little pain.

Chained Nipple Clamps – These nipple clamps have a chain between them. This allows the user or his/her partner to pull on the chain, adding extra stimulation. Another chain can be added. The second chain can be attached to a base or another erotic part, such as the penis or clit.

Weighted Nipple Clamps – Weighted nipple clamps contain a weight. The weight pulls on the nipple, adding an extra sensation in addition to pinching.

Clothes Pins – The first introduction to nipple clamps for many, wooden clothespins are a great way to test out nipple play. The clothes pin can be placed straight out or sideways. Straight out will result in the least pressure possible whereas sideways, near the pivot point, would result in the maximum pressure possible.

Adjustable Nipple Clamps – These nipple clamps have a knob that adjusts the tension. These are great for beginners.

Nipple Clamps Reviews

Here are the three top selling nipple clamps.

Utimi Fantasy SM Nipple Clamps with Metal Chain Review

Utimi Fantasy SM Nipple ClampsMade of steel and rubber, these are the top selling nipple clamps on Amazon. They are available for $7.50 with free 2-day shipping on Amazon Prime. The tension is adjustable and this is perfect for beginners. It has a 4.5 star rating from 67 reviewers. All rave how the product is well built, fun, and a good value. Check out the reviews, price, and shipping options on Amazon. This product is available exclusively on Amazon only.

Moonight Leather Collar with Nipple Clamps Review

Moonight Leather Collar with Nipple ClampsA nipple clamp and collar, the product is available for $9. It comes with free 2-day shipping via Amazon Prime and has a 4.5 star rating from 12 reviewers. Reviewers liked the adjustable collar and clamp, durability. Read the reviews on Amazon.

Blue Lolly Nipple Clamps Review

Blue Lolly Nipple ClampsThis nipple clamp has a third clamp which can be placed on the penis or clit. It can also be attached to sex furniture. The clamp is offered for $10 and has a 4.5 star rating out of 5 stars from 28 reviewers. Read the Amazon reviews.

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